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DNA SERVICES – Eagle Eye Investigations
  • Eagle Eye Investigations Group LLC uses only AABB accredited laboratories that performs DNA paternity testing, DNA maternity testing, immigration DNA testing, sibling DNA testing and infidelity testing and DNA forensic casework analysis. We are here to provide uncomplicated, expert, court admissible results fast and inexpensively. For information about your case or to set up a case. It only takes one phone call or e-mail, we’ll do the rest. When it’s done you will receive a notarized court ready final report accepted by courts and U.S. Embassies worldwide for immigration, adoption and other matters.

    The laboratories can determine the nature of the stain (is it semen or blood) and use DNA to determine its origin. Our tests can determine if your client or person of interest is included or excluded as the contributor of DNA found in an undergarment, bedding, cigarette butt, drink bottle, deployed air bag, urine sample and many other items that legal professionals encounter. DNA maternity testing in many situations such as Immigration, Adoption, concerns regarding mix ups in the hospital at the time of birth as well as any time there is some doubt of the relationship. We also provide immigration DNA testing, prenatal paternity testing and sibling DNA testing.

    DNA profiling allows for the direct examination of the genetic material that is passed from parent to child to determine paternity or maternity and other relationships with greater than 99.9% certainty. Maternity can also be determined when the woman alleged to be the mother is not available, by testing the alleged maternal grandparents and/or siblings of the woman.

    We offer accurate, professional, rapid, and affordable private DNA maternity tests to clients with complete confidentiality. Test reports are generally provided in 7 – 10 days. Expedited service (3 day and 24 hour service) is also available.