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Drones for Surveillance – Eagle Eye Investigations
  • A couple months ago while attending a corporate conference as exhibitors there was some discussion about using drones for surveillance in North Carolina. I was able to contact an attorney that spoke at a one day seminar that we at EEIG attended. Below is her response along with the link to the NC statute. Just wanted to share because it seems this is hot topic and comes up many times. Any feedback is welcomed or other state information please share:
    I think you may be referring to NC criminal statute 15A-300.1, which contains restrictions on use of unmanned aircraft. You can take a look at this on the NCDOT website which has a section on About UAS operations and permitting and there is a download called NC UAS (drone) regulation summary. Download and the criminal statutes should be there including the 15A-300.1 which involves surveillance not being allowed.
    Hope this helps.