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GPS – Eagle Eye Investigations
  • Eagle Eye Investigations Group, LLC provide GPS Vehicle Tracking Systems to businesses with vehicle fleets of all sizes. We are dedicated to equipping you with powerful tools for cost control and accountability that guarantee increased productivity, efficiency, and profits. Business owners and fleet managers have installed our GPS Fleet Management and GPS Tracking Systems in their service, sales, delivery, long haul trucking, & personal vehicles to make their business more efficient. Do not delay. Join the growing list of companies achieving accountability in their mobile work force, turning expenses into profits.


    • Increase productivity?
    • Increase the number of service/delivery calls per day?
    • Increase the number of sales calls?
    • Track service calls for accurate billing?
    • Immediately locate and dispatch vehicles?
    • Improve customer satisfaction?
    • Cut down on overtime?
    • Eliminate wasted time?
    • Improve route efficiency?
    • Lower vehicle fuel and maintenance cost?
    • Lower insurance premiums?


    We offer many GPS Tracking Solutions: low cost manual & automatic download (passive) GPS Vehicle Tracking Devices, feature rich, Real Time Vehicle Tracking Systems, stolen car recovery and all satellite based monitoring and communication systems for any time-anywhere equipment tracking. These GPS Vehicle Tracking Devices provide accurate text reports of travel & stop times, locations, speed, and map displays showing routes traveled. Easy-to-read reports and maps provide managers and dispatchers the opportunity to monitor driver/vehicle efficiency and productivity 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, using real time or historical data. To find out which system is right for you, read more about our GPS Tracking Systems and contact us to discuss your needs.

    To find out which system is right for you, read more about our GPS Vehicle Tracking Systems below and contact us to discuss your needs.


    Always know where your vehicle is in real time. By live GPS tracking with a car tracker, you can view a live location update right from your computer. Know for sure where your vehicle is and how fast it’s going at any given moment. You are also able to receive detailed reports of travel and speed histories. Or, if a real-time tracker isn’t right for you, you can choose a GPS data logger, which will give you after-the-fact information about where your car was and how fast it was going.
    GPS asset tracking is the best way to know where your valuables are beyond a shadow of a doubt. These small tracking devices either feature extra-long battery lives or hardwired capabilities, perfect for long-term trailer, property, or jewelry tracking. Some of our GPS asset tracking devices feature tamper alert functions, which will alert you if your assets are stolen or moved. Our real-time asset trackers allow you to view in real time wherever your possessions have traveled. There are few investment pieces more valued than your vehicle. Our array of auto tracking devices will let you know for sure where your car, truck, or motorcycle is in real time. A personal tracking device will give you the answers to you need to protect whatever you value most.
    Parents can track a teen driver and monitor their use of the family car with little investment with a personal GPS tracking device. Vehicle tracking devices, especially a real-time GPS tracker, gives a parent full access to everything going on. Using a GPS family tracker is a simple way to keep teenagers safe, and reassure parents that they are acting responsibly and staying safe on the road. For no monthly fee, parents can use a GPS logger to review their teens driving habits, making sure they aren’t speeding and have been going where they need to be. A personal tracking device for children can be a valuable asset for a parent. A child GPS tracking device is designed to be small and lightweight, so it is convenient to carry. Form factors of these tiny GPS tracking devices can vary. Some are covert locking bracelets that look like a child’s watch, while others are traditional devices that can be clipped to a belt or dropped in a bag. GPS child locators and trackers can bring a sense of security to any parent of an at risk or special needs child.