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LOCATES/BACKGROUNDS – Eagle Eye Investigations
  • Eagle Eye Investigations Group, LLC can get you back in touch with the important people in your life, whose contact information is now out dated or missing. Now you can find out their new phone number, address and many other personal details. It’s time to find those lost family and friends. Getting started is a process. You’ll need to compile and organize as much information about this person as possible. Their full name(s) and initials, any known aliases, their address or previous addresses, their workplace(s), where they went to school or took post-secondary education, any sports clubs or memberships they might belong to – and the list goes on. When you’re conducting a person-search, most people get hung up on just the person’s name. In many cases, though, the person’s name is going to yield zero results or leads. As with most investigations, it’s the details and connections that form an eventual path comprised of several “links” that lead you to your subject.

  • Why Perform A Background Check?

    There are many reasons to perform a background check. A few reasons why people conduct background checks include:

    •  Seeing if someone has a criminal record
    • Finding out if someone has gone through bankruptcy
    • Reviewing someone’s address history (up to 40 years)
    • Learning more about a potential significant other
    • Obtaining useful facts before making important decisions
    • And MUCH more!

     As you can see, there are many reasons to perform a background check. Whether you need to look into someone you’re dating or want to check up on a babysitter, Eagle Eye Investigations Group, LLC can help you.