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OTHER SERVICES – Eagle Eye Investigations
  • Eagle Eye Investigations Group, LLC is a full service North Carolina Investigation Agency. Every client’s case is as unique as the client. Therefore, there are variables with each case and those personal factors cannot be explored or explained in full on this website. Please look over our Services on the website and below and contact us at 704-376-2728 or toll free 866-376-2728 to discuss specifics of your case in more detail.


    Civil cases are non–criminal cases, judgments, liability lawsuits, domestic, child custody, certain vehicular accidents, employment issues, blue collar Ð white collar crimes, and various other types of cases/lawsuits. Although we will be happy to discuss your particular case with you, it is preferable that you first have an attorney. Your attorney can advise you whether or not an investigative agency may be needed at this time. We will then be happy to meet with you or your attorney.


    Many of our investigators have testified in depositions or in court throughout the years. Our investigators are able and willing to testify as to the surveillance or investigation information obtained during our research of your case.


    There are literally hundreds of different types of criminal cases, plus whether the charge is a misdemeanor or felony. To name a few: Arson, assault, assault with a deadly weapon, battery, blue collar crimes, breaking and entering, crimes against nature, counterfeit, drug crimes, embezzlement, homicide, possession of firearms / drug paraphernalia / drugs, rape, sex abuse, sexual harassment, sexual misconduct, vehicular homicide, vehicular manslaughter, white collar crimes, et cetera. If you have a charge filed against you, you should be in contact with an attorney. Your attorney can advise you if an investigative agency could be of benefit to your case. We will then be happy to discuss your case with you and/or your legal representative.


    In conducting a Due Diligence, it is extremely important to have as much information about the person or business as possible. The better the initial information, the better the outcome may be. A Due Diligence is conducted in an attempt to locate assets (real property, personal property, business ventures/partnerships, aircraft, watercraft, et cetera), hidden assets, or other financial background in preparation for a civil matter, or possible criminal charges.


    This is another term for locating assets. It could be the person or business has moved, sold, or even swapped real or personal property prior to filing bankruptcy or in fully disclosing financial information in a divorce matter. Much work is involved in trying to follow these assets. It can be a tremendous undertaking in investigative work. An initial consultation with an investigator is suggested.


    An Internal type case is our term for a blue collar / white collar crime, security for employees, security for employers, shopping services, employee theft, embezzlement, et cetera. Each case is different, as is every possible scenario. Please contact our office for additional information.


    A Missing Person is someone who may, or may not, have left of their own free will. The person may be missing due to foul play, medical reasons, has run away, or due to a kidnapping. There are many reasons why a person might want to disappear. THE POLICE SHOULD ALWAYS BE CONTACTED FIRST! DO NOT HESITATE TO CONTACT YOUR LOCAL LAW ENFORCEMENT AGENCY!!! TIME IS PRECIOUS!!!


    PERSONAL INJURIES can be any type of injury to a person, whether it’s a vehicle accident, or an accident that occurs on the property of a business or person. It is not necessarily the process of determining fault, but to determine the cause. This is done through interviewing witnesses, as well as taking photographs of the area in question, and possibly by using experts. Depending upon the issue, surveillance may also be required. Each situation is handled accordingly and will need to be discussed with an investigator.


    One function of our investigative agency is to offer Process Service. This is to serve court papers upon witnesses, defendants, plaintiffs, custodians of records, businesses, and so forth. Each state has its own regulation as to who may or may not serve these papers and it is also dependent upon the type of paper to be served (Subpoena, Summons, Complaints, et cetera), as it is possible the local sheriff’s office will need to be your first call for service.


    This type of an Internal investigation requires Investigators to go “under cover” and to pose as an employee and/or patron within various establishments. This is to make sure the business is adhering to certain Local, State, or Federal regulations, as well as making sure the business is maintaining the set standard imposed by its officers or parent company. Many businesses hire Investigators to locate their dishonest employees, to uncover the employee’s suspected illegal activities. Each case and scenario is different. Please contact our office for additional information.