EEIG Services
Service of Process
According to legal procedure in the United States, all parties must be notified when facing legal action against them in a court of law or an administrative court....
Domestic Surveillance
Here you will find some signs and symptoms of a cheating spouse but the one you should never overlook is in all of us and is FREE…
Worksmen's Comp Surveillance
A high percentage of Americans think it is okay to submit a false claim. Many physicians admit that patients have asked them to deceive third party payers to help the patient obtain coverage for medical services.…
We are dedicated to equipping you with powerful tools for cost control and accountability that guarantee increased productivity, efficiency, and profits. Business owners and fleet managers have installed our GPS Fleet Management and GPS Tracking Systems in their service, sales, delivery, long haul trucking, & personal vehicles to make their business more efficient...
Eagle Eye Investigations Group, LLC can get you back in touch with the important people in your life, whose contact information is now out dated or missing. Now you can find out their new phone number, address and many other personal details. It’s time to find those lost family and friends…
Electronic Forensics
n the information age, every byte of data matters. Cell phones are capable of storing a wealth of personal information, often intentionally, and sometimes unintentionally. This holds true for almost all mobile devices, such as PDAs and iPhones as well...
DNA Services
We are here to provide uncomplicated, expert, court admissible results fast and inexpensively. For information about your case or to set up a case. It only takes one phone call or e-mail, we’ll do the rest...
Other Services
Eagle Eye Investigations Group, LLC is a full service North Carolina Investigation Agency. Every client’s case is as unique as the client. Therefore, there are variables with each case and those personal factors cannot be explored or explained in full on this website...

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